Invited Speakers

Marius Leordeanu
Senior research scientist at the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy. Presentation Title: Learning to See: from Eyes to Vision
George Bînă
Co-founder of Syncro Soft. Presentation Title: Authoring Structured Content in XML
Zoran Budimac
Full Professor at the Deparment of Mathematics and Informatics, Novi Sad University, Serbia. Presentation Title: Consistent Static Analysis in Multilingual Software Products Development
Michael Luck
Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Informatics, King's College London, UK and Dean of Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences King's College London, UK Presentation Title: Toward Electronic Order

In this talk I will argue against the notion of social coordination as metaphor in computational systems, and suggest instead that computational systems offer new insights into, techniques for, and realisations of both existing instantiations of social coordination and complex novel approaches to social coordination that extend the reach of the concept and our understanding of it. While some such computational techniques may be inspired and informed by social coordination in natural systems, in many cases the techniques are more sophisticated and complex than can easily be accommodated in natural systems. I will illustrate the argument with reference to the use of norms and contracts in different systems and suggest how techniques for social coordination may be applied to real-world scenarios (such as P2P and eBusiness systems). Close

Dragoş Valentin Ene
Researcher at the National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics (INOE), Romania. Presentation Title:Cultural Heritage representation in databases