Else Software Engineering

Else Software is a biannual magazine that was first published in 1992 and it is issued by the Software Engineering Department of the Faculty of Automatics, Computers and Electronics, University of Craiova.


The magazine mainly contains ample articles, studies and analysis about the fields included in the area ‘computers and information technology’. The magazine addresses especially to specialists in the field mentioned above, of the Romanian and international academic community, to undergraduate students, master students and Ph.D. candidates, that may find information for the subjects they are interested in, as well as to everybody interested in the impact and the relevance of certain subjects in the IT. The aim of the magazine is to cover areas in the field of computers and information technology, especially- as the name itself suggests it – in the area of software engineering regarding particularly:

  • algorithms and data structures;
  • databases;
  • algorithm complexity;
  • artificial intelligence and knowledge representation systems;
  • tools ans applications for software development;
  • software for networks and real time systems;
  • software for distributed and parallel systems;
  • numerical and optimization methods;
  • modeling and discrete simulation;
  • medical informatic;
  • applied informatic;
  • software techniques in automation;
  • fuzzy systems;
  • education and e-learning, etc.