Papers accepted for Springer LNAI volume

Jakub Šimko, Marián Šimko, Mária Bieliková, Jakub Ševcech, Roman Burger
Classsourcing: Crowd-Based Validation of Question-Answer Learning Objects

Krzysztof Zatwarnicki
Operation of Cluster-Based Web System Guaranteeing Web Page Response Time

Bartłomiej Śnieżyński
Comparison of reinforcement and supervised learning methods in Farmer-Pest problem with delayed rewards

Jiří Horák, Igor Ivan, Pavel Kukuliač, Tomáš Inspektor, Branislav Devečka, Markéta Návratová
Google Trends for Data Mining. Study of Czech Towns

Barbara Dunin-Kȩplicz, Linh Anh Nguyen, and Andrzej Szałas
Horn-TeamLog: a Horn Fragment of TeamLog with PTime Data Complexity

Joanna Jȩdrzejowicz and Piotr Jȩdrzejowicz
Online classifiers based on fuzzy C-means clustering

Florin Leon
A Multiagent System Generating Complex Behaviours

Tin Huynh, Kiem Hoang, and Dao Lam
Trend Based Vertex Similarity for Academic Collaboration Recommendation

Krzysztof Małecki, Jarosław Jankowski, and Mateusz Rokita
Application of Graph Cellular Automata in Social Network Based Recommender System

Marcin Pietranik and Ngoc Thanh Nguyen
Preliminary experimental results of the multi-attribute and logic-based ontology alignment method

Przemyslaw Juszczuk and Urszula Boryczka
The Di erential Evolution with the Entropy Based Population Size Adjustment for the Nash Equilibria Problem

Kazimierz Choroś
Temporal Aggregation of Video Shots in TV Sports News for Detection and Categorization of Player Scenes

Roberto Araya and Johan Van der Molen
Causal dependence among contents emerges from the collective online learning of students

Mihaela Colhon
Automatic Lexical Alignment Between Syntactically Weak Related Languages.Application for English and Romanian

Dan Schrager and Florin Radulescu
An Improved Application Level Multi-Path Streaming Algorithm for HBDP Networks

Jolanta Koszelew and Krzysztof Ostrowski
A genetic algorithm with multiple mutation which solves Orienteering Problem in large networks

Jan Kozak and Urszula Boryczka
Dynamic version of the ACDT/ACDF algorithm for H-bond data set analysis

Rafał Skinderowicz
Ant Colony System with Selective Pheromone Memory for SOP

Maria Trocan and Beatrice Pesquet
A Graph-Cut-based Smooth Quantization Approach for Image Compression

Daniela Gîfu and Dan Cristea
Monitoring and predicting journalistic profiles

Ion Iancu, Mihai Gabroveanu, and Mirel Cosulschi
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Control Based on Association Rules

Jacek Mercik
Classification of committees with veto and stability of power indices

Marek Kopel, Janusz Sobecki, and Adam Wasilewski
Automatic Web-based User Interface Delivery for SOA-based Systems

Xuan Hau Pham, Tu Ngoc Luong, and Jason J. Jung
An Black-Box Testing Approach on UserModeling in Practical Movie Recommendation Systems

Thi-Ngan Pham, Thi-Thom Phan, Phuoc-Thao Nguyen, and Quang-Thuy Ha
Hidden Topic Models for Multi-Label Review Classification: An Experimental Study

Shingo Kinomura and Kazuhiro Kuwabara
Developing a Multilingual Application Using Linked Data: a Case Study

Chia-Ling Hsu
Investigating Feedbacks in Instructional Design Model Using Weak Tie Approach

Ai-Ling Wang
Collaborative Learning in Cultural Exchange:Exploring Its Current Trend and Feature

Min-Huei Lin, Ming-Puu Chen, and Ching-Fan Chen
Exploring Peer Scaffolding Opportunities on Experiential Problem Solving Learning

Sylvain Lefebvre
Indexed Bloom Filters for web caches summaries

Adam Czyszczoń and Aleksander Zgrzywa
The MapReduce Approach to Web Service Retrieval

Pen-Choug Sun, Feng-Sueng Yang
An Insight into an Innovative Group-Trading Model for E-Markets Using the Scenario of a Travel Agent

Ioana Bradea, Camelia Delcea, Emil Scarlat, Marcel Boloş, Nora Chiriţă
Grey Incidence between Banks' Risks and their Performance – a Country Rating Perspective –

Sorin Dascalu, Tudor Scurtu, Andreea Urzica, Mihai Trascau and Adina Magda Florea
Using Norm Emergence in Addressing the Tragedy of the Commons

Najwa Abu Bakar and Ali Selamat
Assessing Agents Interaction Quality via Multi-agent Runtime Verification

Konstanty Haniewicz, Wojciech Rutkowski, Magdalena Adamczyk, and Monika Kaczmarek
Towards the Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis of Polish Texts - Polarity Lexicon

Jarosław Jankowski
Balanced Approach to the Design of Conversion Oriented Websites with Limited Negative Impact on the Users

Jarosław Jankowski, Michał Kozielski, Wojciech Filipowski, Radosław Michalski
The Diffusion of Viral Content in Multi-layered Social Networks

Camilo Palazuelos, Diego García-Saiz, and Marta Zorrilla
Social Network Analysis and Data Mining: An Application to the E-learning Context

Ioanna Lykourentzou, Dimitrios J. Vergados, Katerina Papadaki, and Yannick Naudet
Guided Crowdsourcing for collective work coordination in corporate environments

Urszula Boryczka and Łukasz Strąk
Efficient DPSO Neighbourhood for Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem

Tzu-Fu Chiu, Chao-Fu Hong, and Yu-Ting Chiu
Exploring Technology Opportunities in an Industry via Clustering Method and Association Analysis

Alexei Sharpanskykh and Jan Treur
Modelling and Analysis of Social Contagion Processes with Dynamic Networks

Igor Trajkovski
Parallel genetic algorithm for creation of sort algorithms

Arcady Rantrua, Marie-Pierre Gleizes, and Chihab Hanachi
Flexible and Emergent Workflows using Adaptive Agents

Adam Niewiadomski and Adio Akinwale
Efficient n-Gram-Based String Matching in Electronic Testing at Programming

Ghusoon Salim Basheer, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, and Alicia Y.C. Tang
A Framework for Conflict Resolution in Multi-agent Systems

Alexei Sharpanskykh
Abstraction of Social Contagion Models with Dynamic Networks

Tom Jorquera, Jean-Pierre Georgé, Marie-Pierre Gleizes, and Christine Régis
Agent-Based Natural Domain Modeling for Cooperative Continuous Optimization

Le Thi Hoai An, Le Minh Tam, and Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy
A novel approach to automated cell counting based on a Difference of Convex functions Algorithm (DCA)

Zbigniew Telec, Bogdan Trawiński, Tadeusz Lasota, Krzysztof Trawiński
Comparison of Evolving Fuzzy Systems with an Ensemble Approach to Predict from a Data Stream

Jacek Rzeniewicz and Julian Szymański
Bringing Common Sense to WordNet with a Word Game

Krzysztof Myszkorowski and Danuta Zakrzewska
Using Fuzzy Logic for Recommending Groups in E-Learning Systems

Iwona Polak and Mariusz Boryczka
Breaking LFSR Using Genetic Algorithm

Ireneusz Czarnowski and Piotr Jędrzejowicz
Agent-based Data Reduction Using Ensemble Technique

Monica Vladoiu, Zoran Constantinescu, and Gabriela Moise
QORECT – a Case-Based Framework for Quality-based Recommending Open Courseware and Open Educational Resources

Aneta Bartuskova and Ondrej Krejcar
Evaluation Framework for User Preference Research Implemented as Web Application

Julian Szymański and Tomasz Boiński
Improvement of imperfect string matching based on asymmetric n-grams

Sidi Mohamed Douiri and Souad Elbernoussi
An effective ant colony optimization algorithm for the minimum sum coloring problem

Dan Cioiu and Traian Rebedea
WikiDetect: Automatic Vandalism Detection For Wikipedia Using Linguistic Features

Mirela Danubianu
Joining Data Mining with a Knowledge-Based System for Efficient Personalized Speech Therapy

Aleksander Nowodzinski, Leszek Koszalka, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, and Andrzej Kasprzak
Exploding Balls Principle as a Method of Global Optimization

Ilkyu Ha, Jason J. Jung, and Chonggun Kim
Influence of Twitter Activity on College Classes

Gema Bello, Héctor Menéndez, Shintaro Okazaki, and David Camacho
Extracting Collective Trends from Twitter using Social-based Data Mining

Piotr Jȩdrzejowicz and Ewa Ratajczak-Ropel
Reinforcement Learning Strategy for A-Team Solving the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Dariusz Barbucha
A Multi-Agent Approach to the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

Álvaro Cuesta, David F. Barrero, and María D. R-Moreno
A Descriptive Analysis of Twitter Activity in Spanish Around Boston Terror Attacks

Constantin-Bala Zamfirescu and Ciprian Candea
On Interacting with Collective Knowledge of Group Facilitation

Diana Dezsi, Iulia Mărieş and Florentina-Olivia Bălu
Heterogeneous Agents' Interactions in a Double Auction Virtual Stock Market

Zhaozong Meng, Joan Lu, and Ahlam Sawsaa
Integrating Smartphone's Intelligent Techniques on Authentication in Mobile Exam Login Process

Tadeusz Lasota, Tomasz Łuczak, Michał Niemczyk, Michał Olszewski, Bogdan Trawiński
Investigation of Property Valuation Models Based on Decision Tree Ensembles Built over Noised Data

Kalliopi Kravari, Christos Papavasileiou, and Nick Bassiliades
Knowledge-based e-Contract Negotiation among Agents Using Semantic Web Technologies

Papers accepted for Springer SCI volume

Tadeusz (Tad) Szuba, Stanisław Szydło, Paweł Skrzyński   Formal and computational model for A. Smith's Invisible Hand paradigm

Sheila Souza, Jair Minoro Abe   Handwritten Numerical Character Recognition based on Paraconsistent Artificial Neural Networks

Nicholas Akosu and Ali Selamat   Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Spelling Checker Approach for Language Identification

Dariusz Ceglarek   Single-pass Corpus to Corpus Comparison by Sentence Hashing

Moamin A. Mahmoud, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Azhana Ahmad, Mohd Zaliman Mohd Yusoff, Aida Mustapha, and Nurzeatul Hamimah Abdul Hamid   An Approach to Norms Assimilation in Normative Multi-agent Systems

Lidia Dutkiewicz, Ewa Dudek-Dyduch   Substitution Tasks Method for Co-operation

Salama A. Mostafa, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Azhana Ahmad Muthukkaruppan Annamalai, and Aida Mustapha   A Dynamic Measurement of Agent Autonomy in the Layered Adjustable Autonomy Model

Mihai Trascau, Marius-Tudor Benea, Teodor Andrei Tartareanu, and Serban Radua   Emergence of Norms in Multi-Agent Societies; An Ultimatum Game Case Study

Soufiane Boulehouache, Remdane Maamri, Zaidi Sahnoun, and Alla Larguet   A Fractal based Generalized Pedagogical Agent Model

Said Brahimi, Ramdane Maamri, and Zaidi Sahnoun   Partially Centralized Hierarchical Plans Merging

Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo, Raul Cajias, and David Camacho   An Agent-Based Simulation of Christakis-Fowler Social Model

Kristina Machova and Lukáš Marhefka   Opinion Classification in Conversational Content Using N-grams

Ciprian Radu, Ciprian Candea, Gabriela Candea, Constantin B. Zamfirescu   Towards a Cloud-Based Group Decision Support System

Mlynka Michal, Brida Peter, and Juraj Machaj   Modular Localization System for Intelligent Transport

Jacek Pietraszek, Aneta Gądek-Moszczak, and Norbert Radek   The Estimation of Accuracy for the Neural Network Approximation in the Case of Sintered Metal Properties

Radoslaw Jozefowicz, Iwona Pozniak-Koszalka, Leszek Koszalka, and Andrzej Kasprzak   Algorithms for Solving Frequency Assignment Problem in Wireless Networks

Alex Muscar   Agents in the Browser – Using Agent Oriented Programming for Client Side Development

Ryunosuke Maeday, Naoki Ohta, and Kazuhiro Kuwabara   MapReduce-Based Implementation of a Rule System

Emil Scarlat, Daniela Zapodeanu and Cociuba Mihail Ioan   Comparing smoothing technique e ciency in small time series datasets after a structural break in mean