Artificial Intelligence

Computer Engineering

2nd Year, 2nd Semester, 2017



Course Subject


Problem solving using artificial intelligence methods


The development of declarative thinking


Logic programming paradigm and Prolog programming language




Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig, Artificial Intelligence. A Modern Approach (3rd edition), 2010


David Poole, Alan Mackworth, Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents, Cambridge University Press, 2010. Link to first edition.




Assignment: 20%

        Development of an application of AI methods.

Periodic activity: 20%

        Exercises for understanding AI methods.

        Carried out during seminar and laboratory activities

Written exam: 60%

        Exercises addressing the application of AI methods.


Lecture Notes


Chapter 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


Chapter 2: Knowledge Representation Using Definite Clauses


Chapter 3: Reasoning Using Definite Clauses


Chapter 4: Using KRR of Definite Clauses


Chapter 5: Problem Solving Using Uninformed Search


Chapter 6: Heuristic Search


Chapter 7: Constraint Satisfaction Problem


Chapter 8: Semantic Networks


Chapter 9: Uncertain Reasoning





Homework statement: PDF, TEX