K-SWAN – An Interoperable Knowledge-based Framework for Negotiating Semantic Web Agents

Bilateral research project

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece University of Craiova, Romania




Project Aim

The aim of this project is to develop a knowledge-based multi-agent system able to support interoperation among agents in the Semantic Web and flexibility for building and testing agent negotiation scenarios, by featuring trusted, third party reasoning services, reusable agent prototypes for knowledge-customizable agent behavior, mechanisms for ensuring trust in the environment and GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) for assisting people to satisfy their requests. Additionally, selected agent negotiation scenarios in the auction area will be designed and developed in the system, illustrating both their viability and the viability of the system itself.  Negotiation scenarios will involve (i) definition of negotiation services using a declarative specification of negotiation mechanism; (ii) definition of knowledge-based negotiation agents that can reason about the negotiation mechanism and can tune their negotiation strategies in order to meet their design objectives, using third party reasoning services.



Romanian team

Greek team

Costin Badica

Amelia Badica

Sorin Ilie

Alex Muscar

Nick Bassiliades

Kalliopi Kravari

Georgios Meditskos

Ioannis Vlahavas



Costin Badica, Amelia Badica, A Set-Based Approach to Negotiation with Concessions, Proc.BCI’2012, ACM Press, 2012

Alex Muscar, Costin Badica, Exploring the Design Space of a Declarative Framework for Automated Negotiation: Initial Considerations, Proc.AIAI’2012, IFIP AICT 381, pp. 264–273, Springer, 2012

Costin Badica, Negotiations in Multi-Agent Systems (tutorial), AIAI’2012, Greece, 2012