HiperProc: Hypermedia Techniques for Knowledge-Based Representation of Business Processes

The project aims to combine and apply techicques of ontology engineering and hypermedia documents to the knowledge management of enterprise business processes, in order to enable its reuse for multiple goals. The research is motivated by: i) In the last 5 years significant advances have been achieved in the field of ontology engineering and a major interest has been manifested in developing ontologies on various subject areas. Ontologies are studied by artificial intelligence for knowledge sharing and reuse. An ontology is a formal explicit specification of a shared conceptualization. It is widely accepted that only semantic rich representations can support the building of flexible systems for problem solving, communication and cooperation. ii) Most Romanian companies do not manage an explicit formal representation of their business processes. This causes difficulties and inefficiencies when: a shared understanding of the business goals is needed, standard approaches must be adopted by the quality management system, incremental improvement or radical change programmes must be implemented under the banner of total quality management or business process re-engineering, the alignment of information systems to the business processes is needed, technologies for automating process execution by workflow management systems must be implemented. The lack of explicit representations of business processes will cause an expensive 're-invention of the wheel' in all the forementioned situations. The project goal is to improve this state of affairs by demonstrating the benefits of an advanced management, based on the newest results in ontology engineering and hypermedia documents. The research includes the development of a content model for business process representation using ontologies and XML technologies and its implementation, validation and demonstration on customer case studies.

A special attention will be paid to the modelling of negotiation processes for open systems.


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