Concurrent and Distributed Systems

Computer Engineering

3rd Year, 1st Semester, 2018-2019



Course Subject


Principles and concepts of concurrent and distributed systems


Software technologies for concurrent and distributed systems


Programming small-size concurrent and distributed applications


About the Course (Manuals, Grading, a.o.)


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Lecture Notes


Chapter 1: Concurrent Programming Abstraction


Chapter 2: Critical Section Problem


Chapter 3: Verification of Concurrent Programs


Chapter 4: Semaphores


Chapter 5: Monitors


Chapter 6: Channels and Message Exchange


Chapter 7: Concurrent Objects


Chapter 8: Linearizability


Chapter 9: Concurrent Data Structures


Chapter 10: Concurrent Problem Solving


Chapter 11: Introduction to Distributed Systems


Chapter 12: Inter-process Communication in Distributed Systems




Planning and Groups of Lab Topics




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