International Joint Conferences

WI-IAT '09

15 18 September 2009
Milan, Italy
2nd International Workshop on 
Social and Personal Computing
for Web-Supported Learning Communities 

SPeL 2009


The SPeL 2009 Workshop will take place on Tuesday, September 15, according to the following schedule:

9:00 10:45 - Session 1 [room 27 - First Floor of Building U6, Bicocca Campus]

  • Workshop opening
    Elvira Popescu, Sabine Graf
  • The design of learning contracts
    Chris Stary
  • A collaborative environment for the design of accessible educational objects
    Patrizia Boccacci, Marina Ribaudo, Marco Mesiti
  • Self regulated learning provided by hypermedia and the use of technology enhanced learning environments
    Amir Benmimoun, Philippe TRIGANO

10:45 - 11:05 - Coffee Break [Lobby adjacent to Aula Magna, Ground Floor of Building U6, Bicocca Campus]

11:05 12:45 Session 2 [room 27 - First Floor of Building U6, Bicocca Campus]
  • Adaptive learning based on exercises fitness degree
    Ana-Maria Mirea, Mircea Cezar Preda
  • The organizational knowledge circulated management on e-Learning practices in universities
    Toshio Okamoto, Fumihiko Anma, Naomi Nagata, Mizue Kayama
  • Global teacher training based on a multiple perspective assessment: a knowledge building community for future assistant language teachers
    Yuri Nishihori, Chizuko Kushima, Yuichi Yamamoto, Haruhiko Sato, Satoko Sugie
  • An exploration of formal and informal learning flows in LMS 2.0: case study Edu 2.0
    Malinka Ivanova, Anguelina Popova

12:45 14:00 Lunch break

14:00 16:10 Session 3 [room 27 - First Floor of Building U6, Bicocca Campus]
  • Automatic group formation for informal collaborative learning
    Neil Rubens, Mikko Vilenius, Toshio Okamoto
  • Advanced adaptivity in learning management systems by considering learning styles
    Sabine Graf, Kinshuk
  • Providing personalized courses in a Web-supported learning environment
    Elvira Popescu, Costin Badica
  • Collaborative projects and self evaluation within a social reputation-based exercise-sharing system
    Andrea Sterbini, Marco Temperini

Please note that the complete conference program is available on the WI/IAT 2009 website.