International Joint Conferences

WI-IAT '09

15 18 September 2009
Milan, Italy
2nd International Workshop on 
Social and Personal Computing
for Web-Supported Learning Communities 

SPeL 2009

Topics of Interest

The workshop welcomes submissions covering all aspects of Web Intelligence related to social and personal computing in web-based learning communities, including:

  • Web 2.0 and social computing for learning
  • Virtual spaces for learning communities
  • Web supported ubiquitous learning
  • Service-oriented computing for e-learning
  • Ontologies and semantic Web for e-learning
  • Mobile e-learning applications
  • Intelligent learner and group modeling
  • Adaptive and personalized learning environments
  • Adaptive Web interfaces for learning scenarios
  • Cognitive aspects in intelligent web-based learning systems
  • Web mining in learning settings
  • Collaborative filtering and recommendations for learners
  • Web-based cooperative learning
  • Intelligent agent technology in web-based education
  • Pervasive e-learning scenarios
  • Knowledge community formation and support
  • Lifelong learning networks
  • Social software for collaborative learning
  • Socially intelligent agents
  • Semantic social networks
  • Community discovering in social learning systems
  • Social structure exploitation in e-learning
  • Socially-inspired e-learning systems