WELSA Course player

WELSA’s functionalities are primarily addressed at the students, who can learn by browsing through the course and performing the instructional activities suggested (play simulations, solve exercises etc). They can also communicate and collaborate with their peers by means of the forum and chat. Students’ actions are logged and analyzed by the system, in order to create accurate learner models. Based on the identified learning preferences and the built-in adaptation rules, the system offers students individualized courses.

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WELSA Authoring tool

WELSA provides also functionalities for the teachers, who can create courses by means of the dedicated authoring tool; they can also set certain parameters of the modeling process, so that it fits the particularities of their course.

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Try it yourself!

You can experience WELSA through the eyes of two students with opposite learning preferences: Student1 (who prefers Visual content, Concrete, practical examples, Serial approach, Reflexive observation) and Student2 (who prefers Verbal content, Abstract concepts and generalizations, Global approach, Active experimentation).

Please note that the password is stud for both students. After logging in, please access the course on Artificial Intelligence, the chapter on Constraint Satisfaction Problems, which is available for test purposes.

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